Celine Cairo – The Fire

Dutch songstress Celine Cairo enchanted us a few years ago at a night filled with live music that took place at a student hotel in Amsterdam. Ever since, we have seen her grow into a strong and independent artist with her own voice who just released her latest single ‘The Fire’. ‘The Fire’ marks the third release of Celine’s upcoming third album, which is due for release in August.

It is a dark and pensive song completely evolving around her grand and luminous vocals. ‘The Fire’ was produced in London with the help of producer Tim Bran, who previously worked with London Grammar and Birdy amongst many others. Which is why it isn’t a surprise that we hear a similarly mysterious appeal to what Birdy brought with her ‘People Help The People’. 

Besides being an enchanting artist, Celine also openly talks about mental health and her depression, and what it has taught her. ‘The Fire’ talks about personal battles between darkness and light, “Patience, to wait for the flame to come back to me instead of chasing it. What you lack when you’re depressed is perspective. I’ve learned to keep going, no matter how I feel. Keep doing the work and the fire I need to fuel me always eventually returns.”

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