Amateur Ornithologist – Birds Fly Over Me 

A new fusion of alternative pop and shoegaze has been released by North East based artist Amateur Ornithologist, ‘Birds Fly Over Me’ is an intriguing and experimental weave of sounds that all come together in a catchy chorus sung by cutting vocals. Amateur Ornithologist is known to family and friends as Daniel J Clifford and is a product of the coronavirus restrictions, perhaps something good did come out of it! 

“During a year of unemployment, a break-up and two Embarrassing Bodies-style illnesses, Daniel found solace watching birds from his window and writing songs.” ‘Birds Fly Over Me’ sounds like a freeing piece of alternative and infectious pop, one that has been made without any care for the opinion of others. “‘Birds Fly Over Me’ began as a midi GarageBand demo and developed to take in indie pop, new wave and post-punk influences thanks to remote recording and socially-distanced studio sessions.” 

It is a mix of woozy pop, light-hearted and bouncing rhythms and poignant vocals telling a nearly emotional story of finding peace and quiet within the peace and quiet of being isolated. At the same time, “‘Birds Fly Over Me’ takes you through the doubts and joy of finding and surrendering yourself to new love. Focusing on the positives. As long as the birds are flying, there’s still a chance at love.” In real lockdown-fashion, the single and upcoming album, ‘Birdwatching’, were recorded and produced in four different places, which without knowing, we would not have noticed.

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