Cassia – Right There (video)

The oncoming storm that is called Cassia have just released their new single and video ‘Right There’, proving they are not just a simple indie band, but have multiple layers that we are ready to discover. ‘Right There’ is a melodic and catchy alternative pop song with a soothing and laid back soundscape that feels unhurried and without pressure. The band have recently moved to Berlin, where they are writing and self-producing day in, day out right on the edge of a forest.

Without the rush and pressure of cities and the chaos that comes from being around people, the band seem to have found a sound that is completely uncompromised. “It’s been an extremely cathartic process during these unusual times, essentially using songwriting as a sort of therapy, communicating feelings with each other through lyrics.”    

The band have already proven themselves to be a great live act, but with their latest single they show that there is more than just the live shows, and that there is more talent and refinement to the band than the live shows give away. Doesn’t mean we can’t wait to see the band return to the stages of course… We’re just imagining ourselves standing on a festival field, a lukewarm beer in hand, sun on our shoulders and ‘Right There’ accompanying us on a perfect summer’s day.

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