New albums & EPs: Nuela Charles, LearningToDive, and Crocodyle

Nuela Charles – Blissful Madness (EP)

The soulful and smooth R&B vibe of Nuela Charles is not one we are very familiar with, it is most definitely very different from our usual indie pop and rock, but her brand new EP ‘Blissful Madness’ is one hard to ignore. Her grand and thumping sound is brought to us in the form of a three track-counting EP and it includes hazy harmonies and sparkling vocals, disco-inspired soundscapes and an overall good vibe that is impossible not to bop along to! Second track on the EP, ‘Space’, is most definitely our favourite, it’s tingling and uplifting and translates a powerful message of the abundance of space.

LearningToDive – Norwegian Pop (album)

A dazzling love letter was released in the form of new wave artist LearningToDave’s debut album ‘Norwegian Pop’. It’s dramatic and grand and nothing like we’ve personally listened to before, it’s a day for new things it seems! The debut album counts eleven tracks that all paint a grand and mysterious picture of empty forests, hazy and breath-taking views of mountains and dreamy valleys. The album is packed with the very best sounds of the 1980’s, with influences taken from post punk, synth pop and new wave. ‘Norwegian Pop’ is one of a series of projects from all-round musical talent Bravo Bonez and explores personal, political and societal ideas. “It’s addressing themes of hope, betrayal, danger and age…” Have a listen below!

Crocodyle – Sharing a Twin Bed (EP)

Garage rock trio Crocodyle have finally released their anticipated EP ‘Sharing a Twin Bed’, it’s filled with filthy riffs, stark vocals and undeniably catchy drum rolls. The EP was produced by Cage The Elephant’s Lincoln Parish and counts five short but sweet tracks. Sounding like incredible bands such as Arctic Monkeys, mixed with a bit of Oasis, some Royal Blood and a whole lot of Crocodyle, their sound will definitely be a hit on this year’s festival fields! ‘Let Me Cry’ is an open-hearted and pensive track sounding almost like a mellow and poetic alternative folk track, it’s a welcome alternation with their high energy and fast paced rock! Overall a very well-balanced and highly recommendable EP from this emerging band.

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