New indie folk & pop: Barbara, Frank Moyo and Night Flight

Barbara – These New Communications

Combine soothing vocals, fine harmonies and riff-filled intervals and what you get is Barbara’s newest single ‘These New Communications’, it’s a festive and light-hearted sounding track with an eccentric musical structure. Barbara most obviously doesn’t draw within the lines, they re-draw the lines wherever they fancy. Barbara isn’t, as we had assumed, a female singer songwriter, it’s brothers Henry and John Tydeman that write glorious and sun-drenched tracks that sound like they have been created in 1970’s California. ‘These New Communications’ shares Barbara’s perceptive, witty examination of the dark side of social media and the internet in general. We’d say that the future should consist of us all communicating through music, as Barbara does it so impressively!

Frank Moyo – House in LA

Frank Moyo released a jazzy and atmospheric new single, ‘House in LA’ is a mellow and dreamy new pop song that we have had on repeat for a while now. It is the perfect relaxed alternative pop song to enjoy with a glass of wine while watching the sun set. The Canadian-Italian singer and songwriter knows how to write smooth earwigs with catchy hooks and simple lyrics that are easy to sing along to! ‘House in LA’ is an escape from reality, a breath of fresh air and the salty sea, a much-needed oasis in our fast-paced modern world. As things speed up in an industry that’s begging to slow down, Frank Moyo is a voice of reason, and reason has never sounded this good.

Night Flight – Sleeping In California

‘Sleeping In California’ is the final release of the upcoming EP by London four-piece Night Flight. Their brand new single is a romantic and sweet lullaby, an evocative track inspired by an evening in LA. As you can see, and hear, all three tracks mentioned in this article are here to bring you a bit of peace and quiet, a gentle arm that wraps around your shoulders and offers you some comfort. Night Flight’s latest soundscape is refined and incredibly well-structured, with spacious instrumental parts and pensive vocals. The single is unhurried and relaxing, and captures a trip to LA in 2019, vocalist and guitarist Sam says: “Harry and I went back to LA in 2019 and I wanted to chase the feeling I had for the city and the landscape; just the excitement of driving out to your favourite spot at two in the morning. Referencing places helps ground the lyrics for me.”

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