VVARD – Toast

Dutch Indonesian alternative electro pop artist VVARD has recently released her new single ‘Toast’, a smooth and sweet eccentric pop track with fun lyrics and inventive loops. Verena Ward is better known as VVARD and creates grand and intriguing sounds, which she started out creating from her bedroom studio. With ‘Toast’ she shows that she’s outgrown that home studio, and is ready for bigger things. She previously supported grand acts such as Dream Wife, LAUREL and HRVY and toured the Netherlands with travelling festival Popronde, which is how we got to know VVARD!

Her experimental indie dream pop comes together seamlessly on ‘Toast’, she talks about love, heartbreak and struggles with mental health and translates those frustrating feelings and emotions in such refined and interesting songs we wonder how she does it… She’s an outspoken advocate of the LBGTQ+ community and is getting ready to release her upcoming EP ‘I’m So Tired’, we can only imagine what she’ll be singing about, but if ‘Toast’ is a taster of what is about to come we’re excited to hear more from this power musician!

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