Toast – Toast TV (album)

2021 is the year of Toast! We don’t mean toasted bread, we mean the artist. San Francisco hip hop artist Toast has released an addictive new sound and just brought us his latest full length album ‘Toast TV’. The 21-year old rapper released a 16-track counting album that is a simple mix of beats and flows and brings a refreshing new sound to our Spotify-playlists. His sound is a combination of samples, classic boom-bap sounds and unique lyrics!

Toast talks a bit about the inspiration behind the album: “This album is about the role of TV and how it has influenced our youth, society, and world as a whole. The purpose of this project is to provoke the listener into realizing how important life is and what their place in this world is.”

Despite hip hop not being one of our focus genres, we were impressed by Toast’s smooth sound and his melodic flows that make all songs on the album merge together as if one. His mellow and laid back sound is relaxing and feels unhurried, it’s the break we needed from all other things that have been going on in life lately!

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