Rosellas – Common Ground

If you’re a fan of 90’s Manchester bands or the Arctic Monkeys and DMA’s, then the newest offering from the Rosella’s may be right up your street. The indie five piece, who’s music is heavily inspired by the likes of DMA’s, The Smiths, Oasis, Night Cafe, The LAs and The Stone Roses, are back with a powerful, refreshing sound in new single ‘Common Ground’.

The guitar driven track dropped at the end of April as part of a surprise release along with two B-sides of ‘Baby You’re a Star’ and ‘Don’t Let It Pass You By’, both of a contrasting nature being more sonically relaxed and mellow to that of their A-side counterpart but all demonstrating the bands harmonic creativity in equal measure.

‘Common Ground’s release comes as the band consisting of frontman and lead guitarist Drew Selby, rhythm Guitarist Evan Mail, bassist Ollie Appleby, Keys and BVs Luis Sullivan and drummer Mark Zanker prepare to play a series of shows around the country this year and have garnered huge support from fellow indie bands and singers including Liam Gallagher, Blossoms and JAMES.

This newest release really is a treat for the ears, the heavy use of keyboards and perfectly complementary backing vocals draw you into the ambitiously crafted masterpiece. What is particularly striking about this latest offering is its melodic edgy rock vibe that is demonstrated through its guitar driven nature.

With cheeky nods to 90’s Manchester bands heard throughout, ‘Common Ground’ showcases the bands relentless and strong progression from five piece band to a truly talented and special young rock outfit.

Words By Lauren Gosling

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