Gravity Circus – Tension

Summer is finally upon us with this new laid-back, melancholic indie track courtesy of rock band Gravity Circus. The Dutch duo consisting of Jimmy “Onibi” Nagaura Yabiko and Ken “Toro” Luske dropped their newest track ‘Tension’ earlier this week. Bursting with summer road trip vibes which can be heard prominently through the tracks smooth guitar based intro complemented perfectly by the soft catchy drum rhythm.

This latest release encompasses a variety of sounds and styles heavily influenced by fellow indie bands such as Foals which can be heard primarily in the backing track through the effortlessly laid-back guitar riffs while the lyrical style can be easily compared to that of Twenty One Pilots only dialled back in comparison to their alternative rock counterparts.

Forming part of an EP recorded in the drummer’s bedroom and mixed by multi-Grammy nominated producer Bryan Wilson of Arctic Monkeys fame which perhaps explains why elements of their lyrical style can also be heard scattered throughout as they narrate stories from dark perspectives, all with a ​leitmotif​ ​and a hint of hope.

One striking element of ‘Tension’ is how the band mesh sounds in a simplistic way to create different musical landscapes and pumping melodies in a spectrum of tragedy and joy – a direct result of their stubborn DIY approach to rock that sets them apart from other indie duos on the music scene. For a band formed in the summer of 2016 it seems fitting that their latest track would be a perfect addition to any summer road trip no matter the destination.

Words by Lauren Gosling

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