Age Of Destitute – Voiceless

Soft rockers Age Of Destitute soothe their way to the scene’s forefront with their new release, ‘Voiceless’. Serene with tranquil charm, the new track kicks off as it means to go on with the guitar providing an escape to the craziness of the modern world. Furthermore, the guitar boasts a tone that pleases the senses with a warm flavour, and it covers the gentle drum rhythm like a blanket. 

Rez, who fronts the group, soon rises to the top of the mix with a vocal that carries a similar vibe to the intro. His vocal timbre is gentle, yet it leaks energy, becoming visceral as he progresses through his narrative. Speaking about getting lost in the music, he leaves no room for ambiguity with his wordplay resonating with anyone who receives a dopamine rush while listening to audio. 

In the mid-section, the guitar gets the breathing room that it craves, and it glides through the compound with each note leaving us gripping and pleading for more. Rez, then takes us back to his dreamy realm with him echoing his message again, but this time even deeper. 

The closing stages head back to where it all began with the drums tapping away with smooth characteristic, and the vocals radiate around the mix. Although the words become repetitive, it does not become monotonous and instead influences us to hit replay to grab another fix. 

Words by James Davids

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