New alt rock: SYLLO, Split The Dealer and Wes King

SYLLO – Wounded

The grand and anthemic new sound of SYLLO comes in the form of their debut single ‘Wounded’. SYLLO’s is a thumping and exciting alternative pop rock sound that sets the bar high for future releases. Their well-rounded and well-produced mix gives of a truly professional feeling and as if SYLLO knows exactly where they are headed, the future is mapped out for them. ‘Wounded’ talks about feeling oppressed in a difficult situation’ and brings that soaring pain to the table without sounding overwhelmingly depressing. Hopefully there are many more releases to come from SYLLO!

Split The Dealer – Dreamstate

Split The Dealer’s happy go lucky vibes are being celebrated on their latest release ‘Dreamstate’. It’s a combination of modern upbeat indie pop sounds and influences from 90’s pop. What is at the forefront of Split The Dealer’s work is their honesty and way of bringing passion to live in the form explosive and festive songs. ‘Dreamstate’ is about comparing ourselves to others on social media, the song has an Alice in Wonderland kind of vibe and spins its message of “feeling like falling down the rabbit hole of scrolling through your feed” upside down and gives it a positive and upbeat touch. We all do it, you are not alone, but stop it now, you are enough!

Wes King – Loaded Gun

‘Loaded Gun’ is Wes King’s explosive and grand rock anthem, brand new, only just been released, and we have been hooked ever since the song was launched on streaming platforms! His sharp vocals give the track depth and make it a track we would love to bounce along to in a sweaty venue. ‘Loaded Gun’ is his sophomore release and a worthy follow up to debut single ‘Living Strange’. Every instrument on the track was performed by Wes and together with producer Mark Allen they produced ‘Loaded Gun’ as well as debut ‘Living Strange’, the two seem to make a good team! For those that like to add visuals to the sound, check out the video for ‘Loaded Gun’ here!

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