Charmian Devi – Radio Of None

Montreal based female musician Charmian Devi is rocking her way forward with her new delivery, ‘Radio Of None’. The latest release stands out from the get-go, and it sees the singer-songwriter team up with some of the world’s most prestigious names in rock. 

‘Radio Of None’ is not a customary release. However, it has a unique position which makes it even more compelling. Furthermore, it opens with a somewhat chilling intro, and the guitar rhythm gets the limelight in the opening section. Charmian soon gets underway with an impressive vocal performance, often speaking about looking at the world and wondering what the hell is going on; many will relate. Vocally, Charmian has a tone and technique similar to Shirley Manson, who fronts rock group Garbage. However, it does not appear that Shirley is a direct influence of Charmian. Although she takes subconscious hints, Charmian does not reflect entirely what we heard previously; she takes a novel route, and it paves off with a refreshing quality. 

The music is upfront, and the drums smash away in the background with a slow yet energetic tempo with their every hit. Likewise, the guitar rhythm keeps the mix firmly in the rock space with a crunch that ascends as the track progresses. However, the buzz does not stop there; an organ arrives in the closing passage, bringing a new edge to the already full mix. You can take a listen to ‘Radio Of None’ by Charmian Devi below. 

Words by James Davids

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