This Is Not Just A Live Review: Honeyflux at The Globe

Music is an emotion. The term art doesn’t cover its full meaning. It is a state of mind and the feeling of being a part of something that is bigger than you. It’s a feeling, a thrill and it’s addictive.

I am a junkie for music. And I only realised it when it had been taken away from me for well over a year with one or two breaks. They put me in prison, and Honeyflux freed me. The band brought their infectious energy to my ears with single ‘Tear Us Apart’, which was stuck on repeat in our household for days on end. On the 22nd of May the five piece graced the stage at Newcastle independent venue The Globe where they brought all they had and more. It wasn’t just a good night, it was an eruption of energy and the feeling of finally being able to breath fresh air again.

All five undeniably talented musicians brought their quirkiness and a hint of madness to a freshly painted and renovated venue, one of which the team are as passionate as the musicians, which was notable. Nothing beats a room filled with dancing, sweating and stinking moving bodies, but even sitting down the night was festive and at times emotional. Emotional in a good way, it was the first time Honeyflux performed live in their current line-up yet if no one would have told me, I would not have noticed. They played their successful debut ‘Tear Us Apart’, gave a taste of their upcoming single ‘Hourglass’ and blew away with ‘God, Buddha and Me’.

If there is one band everyone should be excited about, than it’s Honeyflux. The band are currently preparing for the release of their upcoming single and hopefully a lot of live shows and festival-slots will follow!

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