Arkells – All Roads (video)

A funky new alternative indie pop single was released by Canadian band Arkells, the single being accompanied by a gorgeous, drone-driven video. ‘All Roads’ is the perfect new discovery for fans of Circa Waves and The Wombats, festive and upbeat, with ‘All Roads’ being our new summer jam! Frontman Max Kerman talked a bit about the inspiration behind the song: “As we start to find our footing on a road back to some normalcy in our lives the sentiment ‘all roads lead me back to you’ is about trying to find your way back home. Home could be a person, a place, or a personal truth – the goal is to keep moving, keep learning, and you’ll find the way.”   

‘All Roads’ sounds like a straw we hold on to, to make sure we do not get lost in the process of finding our way back. It’s a cheerful sound with a deeper meaning that is not specifically a love song, refreshing! However, a love song for roads and finding our way, you could say. The song was recorded in L.A. and signals finally turning a corner. The video for ‘All Roads’ was directed by MMVA-winning music video director Mark Myers and shows an artful continuous cinematic ride following the band members at sunrise.

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