The Deep Blue – Jealous Sea

Manchester is well known for producing some of the biggest rock and indie bands of the early 90s and throughout the 21st century, so when we heard about the brand new track by The Deep Blue naturally we just had to give it a listen. The rich three part harmonies of the trio give their music an irresistible breath of fresh air- a much needed mood change to that of the months gone by.

‘Jealous Sea’ is the debut single from the indie folk all girl band recorded in the idyllic surroundings of the Welsh Countryside that emulates the mind games playing out inside the girls’ own heads. Commenting on the new track, ‘Jealous Sea’, said: “You know that feeling: when you’ve lost a little bit of love for yourself and you see that person who has everything you’ve ever wanted. In a world of endless scrolling through the lives of others, it can be difficult to keep your head above the jealous sea; we are all in danger of slipping under. You’re not alone – sometimes we all want to be somebody else. Here’s a song to get you through and dance the green away.”

The track is an indie delight from start to finish with effortlessly classy harmonies from the offset complimented perfectly by cool basslines and soft catchy guitar riffs. Without a doubt, the vocals are the stand-out point of the track with the backing track and instruments dialled back to purposely showcase the strong and beautiful vocal talents of the three piece. The melodies interwoven throughout this stunningly crafted song along with its timely release has well and truly made this song a valuable part of any soundtrack to the summer.

Words by Lauren Gosling

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