Evan Bartels – El Camino

Soft and soothing vocals, sounding emotive and open-hearted, we just lost ourselves a little in Evan Bartels’ new single ‘El Camino’. With his sharp voice he pulls his listeners into his world, shares bits and pieces of himself and what he has gone through, and what he learned from that. ‘El Camino’ is a slow paced and dramatic country pop song with a simple soundscape consisting of mellow guitar tones. His wallowing mix of country, Americana and a hint of pop is what make this such a striking release. Simple, yet to the point.

Inspired by artists such as Ray LaMontage and Ryan Adams, Evan has created something all of his own, a warm and romantic slow dance. ‘El Camino’ is the perfect soundtrack for a road trip through the desert, and inspired by Bartels’ hometown Tobias, found on a lonesome stretch of highway that cuts across the Nebraskan prairie. “It’s a place that offers immeasurable freedom, while threatening a life of unanswered wanting. It was here the sentiment behind my work was forged.”

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