Elektric Animals – Woe Is Me

‘Woe Is Me’ is a brand new explosive and electrifying single, recently released by four piece alternative rock outfit Elektric Animals who have emerged from Colorado’s capital, Denver. They released their debut single in 2018 and have released a catalogue of grand rock pieces since. They are now woe-ing us away with single ‘Woe Is Me’, a punchy rock track that leans towards being a dark stoner rock track but emphasises its hints to pop with catchy lyrics and a striking chorus. 

Starting off with a grand and anthemic clap, distorted riffs and woozy synths, ‘Woe Is Me’ could be a stadium-filling track. The vocals are strong and alluring and question “is it all for nothing?”, being a modern twist on a love song, the track talks about not being able to live without that someone special. ‘Woe Is Me’ sounds like thoughts of doubt being translated into song and we can relate to those doubts all too well.

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