Kane Miller – Arrow

One of our favourite, wonderful and dreamy artist discoveries of the past year is Kane Miller. There is tranquility he spreads, with both his present and his music and luckily for us he has just released a new single! ‘Arrow’ is a slow burner, a soundtrack for evenings around the fireplace while watching the sunset. His soft vocals shine bright within the simplistic soundscape, and it makes the song a welcome breather on a busy day. 

‘Arrow’ is the first release of Miller’s upcoming EP, the third in a series of rich and mesmerising folk pop pieces of art. For ‘Arrow’, Kane Miller collaborated with some incredible Nashville musicians who previously worked with names such as Stevie Wonder, Beyoncé and Kacey Musgraves. “‘Arrow’ is about finally finding the perfect partner. Sometimes it feels like you can search and search forever and then find the perfect match when you least expect it, and close to home.”

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