New Dutch rock: Ziggy Splynt, Gravity Circus and CooCoo

Ziggy Splynt – Monsterbliss

A pensive intro, grand instrumental compositions and a mysterious undertone is what pulled us right into Dutch emerging outfit’s latest release ‘Monsterbliss’. Crystal clear vocals and soft but sharp guitar lines lay a bed for the rest of its soundscape to lie in, a Muse-like alternative rock sound brings it all together a minute into the song. The build up of ‘Monsterbliss’ makes us nearly fall off our chairs and shows the bands’ honest and emotional side. “‘Monsterbliss’ tells a story of two people drifting apart and wondering what could’ve been.” Ziggy Splynt have translated those feelings of drifting away perfectly, and their latest release shows their versatility and helps build their repertoire.

Gravity Circus – Shaky Little Dice Roll

‘Shaky Little Dice Roll’ sounds as interesting as its title assumes, a song similar to the artistic and thoughtful sound we became familiar with when Arctic Monkeys claimed their stage. Gravity Circus create ever-exciting and ever-changing compositions filled with drum rolls, riffs and warm bass lines combined with clean cut vocals and mirroring harmonies. Their latest song is catchy, interesting and the band create an imaginative space in which we can easily lose ourselves! Simply said: we want more.

CooCoo – Listen Sharon

A roaring and soaring new track has been released by CooCoo, with an intriguing and rather eccentric video accompanying the fast paced and almost hypnotic new release. ‘Listen Sharon’ is about partying and letting loose and if you would like to have an idea what CooCoo party like, the video says it all! Their abrasive punk sound is simple yet effective and at no point loses speed. The punk rock trios brand new track is a shot of caffeine, a refreshing but rushed sound inspired by artists such as The Clash, The Hives and Jack White.

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