Emmrose – Waitlisted

When singer-songwriter Emmrose found herself waitlisted from her dream music school The Clive Davis School of Recorded Music at New York University she found herself inspired to write new music. ‘Waitlisted’ is the result of all the pain and anger felt due to having her future put on hold. Recorded in a live studio, this new track was carefully crafted with real synth instrumentation and vibes of 80s disco and 70s Nile Rogers tracks woven throughout.

Speaking candidly about the meaning of the new track, Emmrose, said: “’Waitlisted’ was a really painful song for me to write, work on, and listen to. In March, I would find out whether or not I got into my dream school… The Clive Davis School of Recorded Music at NYU, the program is for songwriters, and I thought I was a shoe in. Long story short – I got waitlisted. It hurt me on a deep level because of the fact it was all about my music and my talent. So writing an upbeat song was a fun contrast to an overall pretty sad song for me lyrically. I wanted it to be an anthem of a sort for people who’ve been in a similar situation; that you can find some kind of dark celebration in getting rejected.”

Emmrose’s new track is lyrically compelling with stand out vocals that are without a doubt the front and centre of ‘Waitlisted’. The rawness and emotion behind the lyrics can be heard echoing within her anthemic singing style. There is no question as to the talent that lies before us when it comes to Emmrose, as to why she was waitlisted I guess we will never know for sure but what is evident is that they sure did miss out on one super talented star.

Words by Lauren Gosling

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