Glitch Project – Bloom

Glitch Project are dripping with passion, and their new release, ‘Bloom’, proves their enthusiasm.  The latest gem reflects the duo’s talent, and both ladies take a giant leap in the music industry. They are still relatively new to the music industry, but they prove age is irrelevant, given that they are analogous to some of the greats who have risen previously. 

‘Bloom’ kicks off with an astronomical synth overture which instantly pierces the heartstrings with a fiery aura rising to the top. The vocals then swiftly appear, and they force the way forward alongside a convincing drum rhythm that underscores the snare hit. 

Pre-refrain, a guitar rhythm ditties around the mix, and it pushes us towards a nail-biting chorus section. Here, the mixture takes on a novel route, with the dance beat leaving us tapping into its rhythm. Likewise, Glitch Project embrace the compound with a thought-provoking verbal message about society and the aberration of modern life. 

As the track progresses, the edifice becomes more complex, and in the closing stages, the arrangement gets flipped on its head, with the sounds heard in the pioneer stages becoming more intense. The drumbeat stays moderately alike throughout the entire piece. However, the synth travels off down an imaginative route, and it gets the focus it craves in the finale. Likewise, Glitch Project leave us gripping to their hooks with a closing delivery unlike anything else in the prevailing space. 

Words by James Davids

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