Dean St. – melody.

Dean St.‘s brand new ‘melody.’ is a warm and blues-inspired song, a classical sounding track with rough vocals and an overall unadorned mix of instruments and vocals. The simple soundscape give the vocals their space, letting the song breathe and giving the feeling that nothing was rushed during the creating of ‘melody.’. Dean St. started out as sibling duo Caleb and Ella who have since their beginning in 2016 evolved into a full grown band and have been releasing music since 2017.

‘melody.’ is a light-hearted and upbeat release, a track for which the band worked with producer Ryan Hadlock, who previously worked with Lumineers and Vance Joy. The expertise and experience is apparent on the single, and its rough edges give it its personality. “The song was born out of a pretty gnarly breakup when I tried turning to song writing as an outlet for my emotions. The tune came to me instantly, but the lyrics that I had expected to flow seamlessly from heart to page were nowhere to be found. As I spent months trying to find lyrics for this song, I became angry at how little I was coming up with and slowly the song transformed into a self-referential project about song writing itself. The final product resembles a bluesy-folksy blend of my numerous frustrations and my inability to properly express them.”

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