The Eiffels – Collide

‘Collide’s intro is heavily guitar-driven, and once the vocals kick in, the song erupts in a stadium rock like sound a la Muse and The Vaccines. It is the infectious alternative rock sound that we enjoy listening to, and it’s what The Eiffels have just released in the form of their new single ‘Collide’. The single’s soundscape is grand and consists of multiple layers, like an exclusive painting that shows a new detail every time you look at it. The hearty vocals that resemble those of Matt Bellamy are warm and attractive and the hazy harmonies that seem to pop up at well-calculated moments add a hint of mystery to the song.

“‘Collide’ is a love letter to the nights we lose ourselves on the dance floor. It’s a song about the moments in life when there’s a room filled with complete strangers, different in so many ways, but they’re all singing the same lyrics and dancing to the same rhythm.” The song perfectly translates our feelings of excitement about slowly rolling back into our lives as we have known them before they were put on pause.

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