Final Void – Symphony Of Lies

Final Void take a leaf out of the book of the greats with their release, ‘Symphony Of Lies’. The track proves that Finland nests some of the finest rockers, and each band member exceeds expectation from the get-go. 

‘Symphony Of Lies’ is a track that stands out with action, and it is not just the potent musical arrangement that is compelling. The vocal performance from frontman Tuomas Kotajärvi is courageous with a texture that is like the proverbial thumb. He is evidently passionate, and his confidence flourishes as he smashes through his delivery.

Musically, there is a myriad of sounds that are all competing for the limelight. Although on paper, it may seem a little convoluted, in reality, it provides a unique stereo-feel. Moreover, the guitar is upfront, and the sharpness within each note could cut through glass. Likewise, the drums hit with tenacity, and they bring a stadium quality to the mix, making it easy to imagine hearing them performing at one of their live gigs. 

Profound with their wordplay, Final Void express themselves with candid emotion. It is a trend that carries on for the entirety of their new album ‘Visions Of Fear’, and it is refreshing to hear a rock group provide a sense of vulnerability within their narrative. Nevertheless, their Finnish roots often rise within their syntax, and it takes a few listens to understand their motive truly. 

Overall, ‘Symphony Of Lies’ is the rocking anthem that could not have arrived at a better time. It is bold, energetic and it sails by the industry noise rising out of the hard-rock realms. But is it enough to bolster the band’s name in the rock book of 2021? Only time will tell, but given the magnitude of their thunder, it will be no surprise to see this one rising the echelon. 

Words by James Davids

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