Reed Gaines – Vampire

The soft and crooning vocals of Reed Gaines are what pulled us right into his latest release ‘Vampire’. His mellow and intriguing alternative pop sound is almost mysterious and makes us wonder what comes next… ‘Vampire’ is a wallowing sound for fans of The Killers and The National, and the first in a series of singles spurred on by a cold winter in Nashville. Reed Gaines is a master of smooth yet raw compositions and brings a dark but comforting sound to the charts.

“‘Vampire’ is one of those songs that flew together, with less than a month from its inception to completion.” Says the emerging bedroom, alternative pop artist from Nashville, Tennessee. His music is said to be warm and nostalgic and that is exactly what we feel while listening to his latest release. A melancholic sadness supported by a soft sound that is both introspective and in festive in its own way.

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