New music: Shae Brock, Matthew Garrod, and Archie McCallum

Shae Brock – Blue

The soulful songstress that is Shae Brock has recently conquered our hearts with her grand and intriguing sound, striking voice and guitar-driven soundscape. ‘Blue’ sounds somewhat like a dream, a hazy soundscape coming to life in front of our eyes, revealing layer after layer of the emotions of an emerging artist crying on the bathroom floor. “What’s meant to be finds you, I believe. Even though they weren’t the one, I am grateful they broke my heart because I made art from it!” ‘Blue’ came from heartbreak without sounding like a simple nag, it is the process of getting over lost love, and helped us getting over our own at the same time.

Matthew Garrod – Dream Team

Matthew Garrod’s latest release is a soothing and simplistic, loving and endearing single that instantly brings a smile to our faces. ‘Dream Team’s title could not have been chosen better, before we even start to listen to the song, its title tells us that we should get ready to softly sway along and open our hearts for the loving embrace that is Garrod’s latest release. It is the second single of his upcoming album and the perfect romantic song for a road trip, a sunny afternoon in the garden or a slow evening walk. “Drawing upon the feeling you get when you experience a new city for the first time, this high-energy folk-pop song reflects on adventuring with the most important person in your life. ‘Dream Team’ is as much adventure as it is love and admiration.”

Archie McCallum – Norrland

The alternative pop song that was just released by Archie McCallum is a soothing and simple, but effectively catchy. ‘Norrland’ is open-hearted and fun, feeling warm and attentive. Archie’ is another love song dedicated to a place, a part of Sweden that the Scottish Archie now calls home, ‘Norrland’ is about companionship, family and sharing moments with loved ones. “It’s like taking in the midnight sun and Northern Lights. It’s a tribute to life in Sweden and not wanting to waste a moment.” His sound is light-hearted and aims to make you feel good and enjoy every little moment we have on this planet and the next.

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