Danama – 1:31am

A new spin on modern new wave has been released into the ether by emerging indie pop band Danama. ‘1:31am’ is their new single, a modern take on the new wave sound of the 80’s, with gut-punching rhythms and contrasting vocals. It’s upbeat, electrifying and energetic and lyrically, brings us a new summer anthem that will work a treat on festival stages. 

“The name ‘1:31’ is a play on the time the first draft of the song was finished. After some time in the studio writing and recording the song, we decided to keep the unique, playful and fitting name.” Danama’s new release is a fun indie pop song but with more meaning than the indie pop song we hear in the charts nowadays, “it’s about understanding how that voice in our head that tells us negative things can actually be used as a positive drive.”

“It can push us to do great things, we just wish that the voice would “show me something new”, so that we can “sleep at night” rather than staying up stressing, or overthinking every move we make.” So, not just catchy, also inspirational!

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