The Round Up – June

Nathaniel Paul – The Phone

Talented singer songwriter Nathaniel Paul has recently released his new single and video for ‘The Phone’, a song that sounds rather light-hearted but has a very personal and emotional narrative. Nathaniel opens up about his struggles during the pandemic and how hard it has been on him however knows how to translate those struggles into a simplistic and soothing, comforting alternative pop song. “I have struggled with depression all throughout the pandemic. It’s been a really difficult year. This song is about starting your day the wrong way. “

TV Dreams – Sittin’ Here With U

For those that enjoy alternative garage surf rock, TV Dreams is going to be your favourite new discovery. TV Dreams is the new project of Australian indie artist Odin Franklin, ‘Sittin’ Here With U’ is a fast paced and highly energetic track and the first to be released of his upcoming debut LP. TV Dreams is, in short, the solution to our problem of a shortage of fun punk fuzz tracks, and ‘Sittin’ Here With U’ is, hopefully, only the beginning! One thing is for sure, after listening to this release, we no longer need our double espresso.

Viper Club – Red Pen

Viper Club’s explosive rock sound and refreshing guitar-driven soundscape mix brilliantly in new single ‘Red Pen’. Their distorted and chaotic vibe resembles that of Cage The Elephant and Eagles Of Death Metal, add a bunch of sharp vocals and what you have is a vivid picture of Viper Club’s classic rock. Their latest serotonin-inducing rock and roll dance track is guaranteed to make you move, no matter what you are doing! It is their first single of 2021 and heavily influenced by classic and cult films, yet anything but scripted…

Stone Fruit – Second Guess

Alternative electro pop duo Stone Fruit have recently released a new and graciously delicate single. ‘Second Guess’ is their latest comforting pop sound which combines angelic vocals and a simple yet fine soundscape. Stone Fruit’s new song sounds like musings from a dream, and talks about doubt and self-reflection. ‘Second Guess’ is also the first single of the duo’s upcoming third EP, which we are very much looking forward to!

Paper Cactus – Caroline

‘Caroline’ is our new jazzed up summer anthem and the debut release of sunset-loving joy pop artist Paper Cactus. With ‘Caroline’, he has created a sonic soundscape picturing his day-to-day life, memories and people from his youth. Paper Cactus grew up in a small city in North West Portugal and takes inspiration from surf pop and soul. He came to Liverpool to chase a career in music and with the release of debut single ‘Caroline’, the chase might just become really rather easy!

La Club Royale – Vibes

La Club Royale’s second single ‘Vibes’ is a disco heavy and electronically-driven track that sounds light-hearted and brings a fresh wind to our living rooms. Their debut got attention from Radio X and BBC Introducing and their second single shows some of the confidence gained from those small victories. The band have created a rather light and simple sound, and lyrically, reminisces of good times. “‘Vibes’ is about meeting new people, having good times and reminiscing about how things used to be.”

The Jerichos – Even If You Are The Cactus

A nostalgic new indie sound was released by The Jerichos in the form of new single ‘Even If You Are The Cactus’, it’s fun and light-hearted, and we’re not taking it too seriously. With a rock twist and a combination of 60’s psychedelic and 80’s dance, what you’ve got is a smooth and incredibly infectious new sound that looks back over its shoulder, trying to bring those good old times back. The Jerichos take their influence from Tame Impala, Mac DeMarco and The Beatles and wrap it in a restyled vintage jacket. It’s something we have been waiting for and we would love to hear more of it!

The Corks – Can’t Stop

Montreal-based rock band The Corks have released new single ‘Can’t Stop’, a funky new alternative rock sound that is hard to sit still to and will be appreciate by fans of Foster The People and early Arctic Monkeys. The single comes with a video, directed by Jonathan Verreault, who is also drummer in The Corks, and shows a dynamic and satirical view on the band’s energy and light-hearted nature. You can watch the video here and while you’re at it, enjoy the band’s solidly funky grooves!

Dan Miraldi – Dance the Apocalypse

A grand and electrifying, energetic and fast paced new track was released by Dan Miraldi, filled with impressive guitar riffs and vocals similar to those of Jack Black. ‘Dance the Apocalypse’ is the first single from their upcoming EP ’15 Minutes of Fury’, which promises to be another shot of caffeine after the one you have just had! This high energy garage punk sound is abrasive and fierce and undeniably appetising. “It hits like the lovechild of The Stooges, Hives, Green Day and My Chemical Romance.”

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