Monakis – Usual Suspects

Fans of Slaves and IDLES will be happy to hear there’s a new IDLES on the block, Monakis have just released their ode to IDLES with latest single ‘Usual Suspects’. It’s filled with energy and screaming vocals, grand soundscapes and whoo-ing harmonies. There’s no denying that the band have been inspired by grand punk outfits such as Sex Pistols and Cockney Rejects, but Monakis sound like fun and their influences give them the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of those that have inspired them.

Monakis’ latest release is supposed to show a juxtaposition of how those in power live by a different rule book to the people they have the power over, which is of course a very punk narrative. The new punk trio are based in Brighton and made their debut in December 2019, they found the attention of their respective scenes with their hard-hitting and aggressive liveshows. It’s raw and fast-paced and it’s fun to see another punk trio pass the revue, but we will see how long they will be around or if they will be the next IDLES, or maybe Sex Pistols?

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