JÓRMA – introvert

Over the past year, the Coronavirus pandemic may have proven to be a bit of a downer on the music industry, forcing the cancellation of not just festivals and live music around the world but forcing some artists to push back release dates. For musician and composer Jonathan Bonny however it has proven to be the opportune time for musical re invention with the creation of their new alter ego JÓRMA and the release of their new single ‘introvert’.

The follow up to their debut single ‘Moonday’, which was hailed as a queer coming out anthem, reflecting what it means to be free, ‘introvert’ was written in the midst of the Black Lives Matter Movement and reflected their own personal experiences about what it means to belong to a minority and the extent to which it makes up part of their identity.

The mellow and almost acoustic like undertones of this next track help to depict the raw emotion and pain behind the lyrics which feature references to the struggles faced by minorities and marginalised groups as well as discussing issues about how much of a person’s story is often defined by their sexuality, race, religion, body type or disability.

‘introvert’s chilled out and stripped back nature allows for the true vocal talents and musicianship to shine through with a striking piano based backing which is noticeable from the offset immediately setting the tone and pace and complimenting the sombre, reflective lyrics of the track.

The tracks sudden change in tempo and pace midway through is refreshing and helps to create drama and an element of theatricality to the song perhaps reflective of the artists colourful and vibrant personality which subtly shines through in his music and creative image and will no doubt one transpire into a fantastically crafted EP.

By Lauren Gosling

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