Calboa – Old Flame

Calboa, a Hull-based indie rocker, has broken the new indie mould yet again with his latest single, ‘Old Flame’. The singer, who is coming off a streak of hit singles, takes a unique path that steers clear of contemporary orthodoxy. The release begins with a firm and gritty guitar lead that reverberates through the sound. Calboa then bursts to the foreground, his trademark low-quality vocals propelling the mix forward. From the start, his storey is unambiguous, with the hitmaker reminiscing about days spent with a prior partner.

Calboa’s vocals aren’t out of the ordinary, given his singing style, but he adds to a sound that has been popular for many years. However, it does not sound dated, which is a common challenge for singers that explore the songbook of the past. Instead, it sounds new and improved, which will likely encourage a slew of new indie artists to resurrect the mid-2000s mood.

‘Old Flame’ manages to lodge itself deep into the soul as the song proceeds. As a result, even when the track comes to finish, it keeps reverberating. Is this on purpose? Calboa has a habit of releasing catchy songs; thus, it appears to be the case. The earworm created by this song is a technique that countless indie artists have used for years, and it most likely will still be heard for a long time.

Words by James Davids

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