Lewca – I’m Alright (ft. Sean Buckley)

“I always wanted to be a drunk ass, bat shit crazy Rockstar. It all went pear shaped I guess… It turns out I’m just me.” We should all be more like Lewca, just ourselves. With this honest introduction and a smile on our faces we turn on Lewca’s latest release.

‘I’m Alright’ is the new single from Lewca, who has teamed up with Sean Buckley to create two and a half minutes of lively vocals and energizing timbres. Describing the single as “an upbeat song about substance abuse and denial”, Lewca combines addictive instrumental riffs with a strong call and response style of singing, making ‘I’m Alright’ the perfect gig tune. It is easy to imagine the repetitive ‘I’m Alright!’ chant being shouted in a live venue, and the unmissable and undeniable British accent which sings the lyrics throughout makes this all the more conceivable. And, despite its repetitive lyrics, it never dulls. If you’re looking for an upbeat tune to shout along to, ‘I’m Alright’ is the one.

Words by Georgie Holmes

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