Minna Ora – Fire (video)

‘Fire,’ Minna Ora‘s latest single, is out now. It’s a song about overcoming a problematic situation. ‘Fire’ is a metaphor that resounds throughout the composition, and Minna uniquely expresses its meaning.

It begins with a piano arrangement that runs over a soothing synth lead. Also, shortly after the prologue, the drums enter, and they come in with agility. Minna then performs an angelic and earthly vocal as she ascends to the top of the compound. Minna takes centre stage from the start, and she takes us on a journey with her.

Minna’s soft tones cut through the noise with conviction, and she sits elegantly on top of the mix vocally. Her message is inviting, and her nail-biting hooks rejuvenate our soul. Her tune, while not particularly catchy given the genre of song, creates an unforgettable memory.

The foundation is unconventional musically because the rhythm of the piano does most of the job in the background. It takes a forceful stance that is difficult to critique, and it is saturated in colossal effect, adding to the track’s already distinctive feel.

Overall, I can’t seem to get enough of Minna Ora’s new song. It’s a surprise delivery, and it’s awakened my ears to this style of indie music after spending the majority of the year listening to contemporary indie rock. It’s also left me wondering what Minna’s next move will be. As a result, I’m hoping for more treasures like this one shortly!

Words by James Davids

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