The Planetoids – Drunk

A laid back yet funky new single has been released by intergalactic indie pop outfit The Planetoids. ‘Drunk’ leans on a disco-vibe intertwined with unhurried alternative pop compositions and high pitched vocals. The song resembles a mantra, an almost bittersweet question asking why “you are only nice to me when you’re drunk”… The single shifts substances such as drugs and alcohol into perspective. The almost alienated parts draw a vivid picture of what we feel like when we are drunk, which is rather fitting!

The Planetoids sound like Metronomy, Roosevelt and Parcels and their new, grand sound is guaranteed to be taking over their hometown of Hanover soon! The band mixed in their personal take on genres and narrated an endearing story based on a relationship that revolves around altered states of consciousness. ‘Drunk’ comes with B-side ‘Valentine’s Day’, “as a tribute to old 12″ vinyl singles, which commonly featured a B-side song that accompanied the main release. ‘Valentine’s Day’ offers more of a light-hearted feel-good vibe, that makes up for quite a contrast compared to ‘Drunk’!” You can buy the bands’ music here.

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