45ACIDBABIES – Only Class6 From Now On

In case you’re short of energy or in need of a shot of caffeine, 45ACIDBABIES have got you covered with new, upbeat and disco-driven single ‘Only Class6 From Now On’! The Dutch and fast rising group of four have brought many a party starter and their latest release is another example of that. ‘Only Class6 From Now On’ pops, rocks and swings left, right and centre and follows up previously released top track ‘Mommy’s Favourite 1’. The BABIES blend pop, rock and cheerleading and create relentlessly groovy tracks.

On the single, the band added: “‘Only Class6 From Now On’ is a comic journey to the top of the charts. Waiting for the world to be at your feet is boring so why not act like you’re already as famous as you can be to actually make it happen. With a little help from ADAM, the incarnation of capitalism who is featured on the track, we’re finally reaching for the stars.” With a lot of attitude and some pretending, hopefully they’ll eventually get there, at least ‘Only Class6 From Now On’ is a good start!

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