New folk pop: Gal Musette, Roos Meijer, Jodie Nicholson and Pieternel

Gal Musette – Summertime

Gal Musette is enchanting, she is the voice in our heads that helps us turn sour life events into light-hearted indie folk pop songs with a positive and hopeful tone. ‘Summertime’ is a sweet and upbeat folk song that welcomes in summer and opens our hearts to welcome the good and the bad, because flowers don’t grow without a little rain. She reintroduces the hybrid folk genre with a modern twist, combining layered vocals and mystique melodies that get more complex throughout the song. About the song, Gal Musette says: “‘Summertime’ seems like a lover song, but is actually about a friendship falling apart. It’s about that kind of friend you meet and immediately connect with on an intense level, then after a few months, you meet each other’s demons and your mutual perceptions of the friendship are shaken.”

Roos Meijer – In My Name

Hazy harmonies shake us awake, bring us to another world that is slightly misty and looks magical in its nearly hiding landscape. Our ears fill with a light and mystical sound, light tapping drums and soft vocal harmonies, ‘In My Name’ is playing. Dutch art folk singer songwriter Roos Meijer wrote the soundtrack for our dreams, and ‘In My Name’ is only the beginning, it is the first single from her upcoming debut album. “For this album, I spoke to changemakers (people who commit to a societal goal) and I wrote songs inspired by our conversations.” Roos said, and if the album sounds only slightly like ‘In My Name’, we are in for a treat. “‘In My Name’ is inspired by a conversation with Julia Jouwe, an activist for a free West Papua and focuses on the hypocrisy of history books, the optimism of young activists, collective accountability, and the power of picking up the torch that was lit by those who came before.”

Jodie Nicholson – Be Back Soon

Jodie Nicholson shares her story of leaving Leeds and moving back home after finishing university in the form of new single ‘Be Back Soon’. For the single she worked with producer Tim Bran, who also produced her upcoming EP. Tim previously worked with Norwegian angel AURORA, and for those of us that were mesmerised by AURORA, Jodie Nicholson won’t disappoint. ‘Be Back Soon’ is strong yet fragile in its open-heartedness, it is as soft as it is warm and its story is oh so relatable. “Inspired by leaving Leeds after graduating university, ‘Be Back Soon’ is about reflecting on a life you’ll never get back or re-live in the same way. The aftermath of leaving a city, friends, a life behind where you felt sure of who you were.”

Pieternel – Lately

Dutch songstress Pieternel writes smooth and heart-warming pop songs with a slight edge and a personal narrative. Her latest single ‘Lately’ is a comforting and well-produced Americana-inspired pop song with an incredible hook and a grand and filling soundscape. The song is the third single which will also make an appearance on the upcoming album, which is due for release at the end of 2021. Pieternel wrote ‘Lately’ with Grammy award winning songwriters Femke Weidema and Phil Barton on a song writing trip to Nashville. ‘Lately’ is powerful and its positive tone represents the talented musician’s journey rising from darker days. She is strong, hopeful and brave enough to dream and through ‘Lately’, we dream with her.

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