James Holt – Make My Day

James Holt’s new and soothing alternative pop sound is a combination of strumming guitars and soft, folk-influenced vocals. All these aspects come together in his latest release ‘Make My Day’, a romantic and melancholic yet modern twist on the indie pop sound we repeatedly hear in the charts nowadays. With hints at George Harrison and Crowded House, James has created a smooth and swaying sound and it all comes together on ‘Make My Day’.

About the song and its story, James said: “‘The song is about the feeling of happiness you get when you receive visitors at the hospital and knowing that someone cares for you. This was definitely one of those strange, effortless songs that seemed to write itself and didn’t take much intervention on my part. It says so much in so few words, I love songs like that.” 

‘Make My Day’ sounds like a summer breeze and blossoming flowers. The multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter knows how to create atmospheric pieces of pop. Holt’s new single was recorded at Parr Street Studios in Liverpool, produced by The Coral frontman James Skelly, and mixed by Chris Taylor.

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