Christy – Somebody Else Instead

‘Somebody Else Instead’ is Christy’s new single and the title track of his upcoming acoustic EP. A song that sounds like autumn and smells like rain, ‘Somebody Else Instead’ is pensive and open-hearted. The Glaswegian singer-songwriter writes songs for fans of Tom Odell, Jeff Buckley and an acoustic version of The 1975. This eclectic mix of influences results in Christy’s own and comforting sound.

The half-broken vocals of ‘Somebody Else Instead’ encapsulate the feeling of moving past a relationship, Christy explains: “I felt like I was just trying to replace them constantly. Then I had a thought, that when you are in a relationship, all you really do is waste your time with that person, so maybe that’s what love is, wasting your time with the right person but having the most fun doing nothing.” And if ‘Somebody Else Instead’ is the song of wasting your time with the right person, then we don’t want to do anything else.

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