Jennifer Porter – Sun Come And Shine

With Jennifer Porter‘s new single, ‘Sun Come And Shine’, the title track of her new album, you simply can’t go wrong. Jennifer’s newest gem reveals what she’s been keeping hidden for the past few years.

Bernard Purdie, who plays the drums on the track, is a well-known personality in the music industry. It is clear from the first second that this will be an emotional rollercoaster, and this trend continues throughout. It hits for all the right reasons, lifting us off the ground with a heavenly appeal while at the same time providing a feel-good beat.

Jennifer comes out vocally, with her lead performance taking centre stage, as it should. However, Jennifer also works effectively with all of the blended elements and allows no room for discord with the instruments that complement her abilities. In addition, the harmonica hook that emerges from the background gives the composition a whole new dimension, and it adds to the track’s already melancholic feel.

Jennifer speeds up the tempo in the final moments and adds even more sophistication to her performance. Similarly, the drum rhythm taps along with a gospel backup harmony, leaving us wanting more. It serves as an excellent prelude to the remainder of the new album, which is now available to stream on all major streaming services.

Words by James Davids

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