Danny Mellin – I Can’t Be

Alternative indie rock artist Danny Mellin just released his funky and upbeat new track ‘I Can’t Be’. On the single, his voice shines and the refreshing surprise that is the ever-changing soundscape of the single give it its colour. The rhythm changes make ‘I Can’t Be’ stand out from others within the indie genre, and the rough vocals give the song its personality. ‘I Can’t Be’ is described as Mellin’s take on a failing relationship and the importance of being true to yourself, even if doing so can be painful.

This single is Danny’s first one since recently turning 18, and comes from recording sessions that started before the last lockdown. About the recording process, Danny said: “It was really frustrating to have recorded the drums and the bass but having to wait months to finish off the song, but I’m really happy with the result. It’s just how I wanted it to sound.”

‘I Can’t Be’ sounds confident and unhurried, and in no way gives away the young age of its creator. Mellin’s refined riffs and open-hearted way of telling stories show his maturity and mark the start of the musician and his band returning to the stages!

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