Lisa Crawley – The Right Way

A pensive and soothing, almost jazzy new track has been released by Lisa Crawley. Her latest release is ‘The Right Way’, a smooth indie pop song from the chanteuse that knows how to enwrap her listener with slightly creaking vocals and a simplistic soundscape. The song was co-written and produced by Grammy-nominated producer Rob Kleiner, the two bonded over Jon Brion, The Dresden and The Office (UK). These iconic cultural influences are just some of the influences that forged the creative process behind ‘The Right Way’.

The song is about longing for confidence, “and articulation to say the right words at the right time rather than letting self-doubt and anxiety get in the way, but also accepting it might always be that way.” The slow intro of the song brings with it a reflective vibe and Lisa’s voice only adds to that. The warm harmonies give the longing for confidence a warm and comforting touch. No need to worry, you are not the only one!

It is the warm sound and the unhurried way in which Crawley performs that make ‘The Right Way’ feel like a warm hug from a stranger that will soon feel like a close friend. Lisa Crawley is an indie singer songwriter that knows how to stand out from the crowd, and ‘The Right Way’ emphasises just that.

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