Wild Rivers – Amsterdam

Wild Rivers latest release sent chills down our spine, ‘Amsterdam’ makes us feel like we are back home for just a little bit and hugs us like a pair warm and familiar arms. Wild Rivers create a soothing indie folk pop sound and have recently released another of their mesmerising folk pop pieces in the form of single and video ‘Amsterdam’.

The single is the first of the upcoming full length album and if it is only a fraction as comforting and chilling as ‘Amsterdam’, then we can’t wait for the album to arrive. Strong vocal harmonies and a simple soundscape create a vivid picture, combine that with the simple yet spot-on video and what you get is the trio’s wistful new song. ‘Amsterdam’ is a coming-of-age love story told through the band’s magnificent harmonies and telling melodies.

Co-lead vocalist and songwriter Khalid talks a bit about the song and the story behind it: “’Amsterdam’ is the retelling of a friend’s breakup, who had big plans to move to Europe to be with her long-distance boyfriend. One day, out of nowhere, he called it all off over the phone. I imagined all the things she had been looking forward to, and I started writing a song from her perspective.”

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