Freedom Fry – Colors (video)

‘Colors’ is the return of French and American duo Freedom Fry, the song is sleek, upbeat and indie-inspired. This single is also the first English-spoken one from the duo and talks about being true to yourself. ‘Colors’ comes with a surreal and funky video that brings even more colour to the song’s sound. It is light-hearted, adventurous and without much haste, the song is a breath of fresh air. 

Chances are you’ve heard Freedom Fry before, either while shopping, getting coffee or when put on hold by Amazon’s Customer Service… The married duo have created their own unique and universal sound and manage the entire process of writing and releasing their music themselves. ‘Colors’ is another addition to their already extensive catalogue of versatile songs and sounds. This year Freedom Fry are releasing a three track EP every month and the duo have opened the doors to their studio, The Cactus Garden, in collaboration with other artists.

It is obvious that there is much more to Freedom Fry than their catchy pop songs, and we are looking forward to seeing what else the future has in store for us and the mesmerising duo!

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