Kevin Campbell & The Wandering – Orange Stripes

Besides a stunning artwork, Kevin Campbell & The Wandering’s new single ‘Orange Stripes’ is a gorgeous and atmospheric, filling track with an anthemic and slow build up that is amplified by warm vocals with a slight edge. ‘Orange Stripes’ is laid back and unhurried, but refined and with a smooth finish. 

Campbell talks a little about how the single came to be: “This year I teamed up with Will Chapman of the band Colony House to produce and play drums on my debut record. ‘Orange Stripes’ is the first single we are releasing followed by a video in July.” Their nostalgic and comforting summer sound is the product of aforementioned collaboration and excites us muchly. 

About the story behind the track, Kevin explains: “This song was written about a relationship that had solid roots until one day they were abruptly uprooted. It’s inspired by nostalgic summer love songs like ‘Summer of 69’ or ‘Boys of Summer’. This is a song about looking back on a first love and wondering where it went wrong…”

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