The Round Up – July

FIINN – Up The Path

FIINN’s latest song and sound are what we needed to hear to spice up our Sunday afternoon. A lively and upbeat, positive sounding track with simple vocals and unexpected effects, riffing guitar lines and repetitive but warm vocals that make their latest release ‘Up The Path’ a memorable one! The song reflects on a relationship, real or imagined, and receives a danceable treatment that is filled with bouncing layers of percussion. FIINN wink and nod at Peter Gabriel and Paul Simon with the production of this release. “‘Up The Path’ captures the excitement of meeting up with someone special on a hot summer’s night.”

LVVRS – Hypnotic Love

“Very strong opening” is the first thought that pops into our head when listening to LVVRS’ (pronounced “lovers”) brand new single. ‘Hypnotic Love’ is as hypnotic as we hoped it would be, and hints heavily at influences from Maroon 5 and Lorde. If we’ll still remember LVVRS in a few weeks time, only time will tell, but currently ‘Hypnotic Love’ is one of our favourite alternative pop rock tracks with an adamant positive party vibe. “It could be the soundtrack to a high speed car chase. It’s a mid-summer heater. Blast it loud with the windows down!” And we will do…

Everdeen – Don’t Give Up The Ghost

A warm and guitar-driven intro sweeps us off our feet and drags us into the world of Everdeen, their latest single is driven by sharp and telling vocals and a warm soundscape. We follow a journey filled with grand and anthemic vocals changes, haunting harmonies and a soundscape that moves up and down like a rollercoaster. It is their rather minimalistic style that gives all its elements the right room to grow and demand its space within the mix of ‘Don’t Give Up The Ghost’. The Stuttgart-based outfit writes post punk with a touch of alternative rock about ever so fiery subjects and emotions. ‘Don’t Give Up The Ghost’ is about setting fire to the past and takes you on an escape from a decaying city haunted by old memories.

Olivia Charlotte – Diagnostics

‘Diagnostics’ is Olivia Charlotte’s debut single and in her own words, “an anthem for the eccentric”. Anthemic it surely is, the track being a warm alternative pop song with an incredibly catchy and harmonious chorus that is hard not to move along to. It’s a great promise by the songstress who has been influenced by some of the greats within the 90’s alt rock genre, bands such as REM and The Cranberries inspired what is now Olivia’s clear and outstanding sound. About the song, she said: “Writing it was a lesson for me in how to be passively resistant while facing the chaos of my own emotions. It’s an anthem for the eccentric.” We’ll happily be those eccentrics if ‘Diagnostics’ is their soundtrack!

Fuzzy Sun – Fake It (video)

Manchester-based alternative indie band Fuzzy Sun have just released the video for their latest single ‘Fake It’, it’s a craftily built-up and expressive new track with a warm touch and an overall euphoric summer feeling. The video shows the band playing live and has us wondering off to live venues and the feeling of being back in a venue with two pints and our best friends. Fuzzy Sun are bringing their explosive stage energy to your screen and their infectious sound to your ears! Watch the video here and listen to the single below!


A tender intro is what introduces us to TEOSE’s new and rich sound, strong vocals with an edge and a soothing and simple soundscape colour their new single ‘Oh’. It is the first release on independent record label Kaleidoscope and it’s a worthy comeback after a year of turbulent silence. TEOSE remind us a little of early Avril Lavigne, ‘Oh’ showcases a certain stubbornness and welcome, honest character. The Glasgow three-piece combine influences taken from Soccer Mommy and Big Thief and wrap it in a warm, catchy and telling alternative new release!

Multi Ultra – Price I Pay

‘Price I Pay’ is the debut single of Nashville indie pop rock and soul outfit Multi Ultra. The band have written a response to the feeling of being overwhelmed and ‘Price I Pay’ is their answer. It puts dark lyrical themes parallel to each other, amplified by upbeat grooves. The song was released on the 18th of June by the duo that is hopefully gearing up for an exciting musical career!

Ellajay – Clocking Out

The soothing voice of indie singer songwriter Ellajay is comforting and mesmerising, airy and dreamy. Strong vocals, a simplistic soundscape and harmonies as soft as feather make for a comforting pop song. The Brooklyn-based artist produced her latest single with Tiger Darrow and together they created a hook-filled piece of ear-candy with lyrics that were born out of frustration of unrequited love “… and finally having the courage to walk away, leaving a toxic relationship behind.” Sounding joyous with a hint of sass, the song sounds exactly the way we feel when situations like the inspiration for the song arise. Its heavy emotions hide behind a fun alternative pop song and translate a sour situation into something sweet and upbeat!

Pacific – Spiral

The grand and Muse-like sound of Pacific’s new single ‘Spiral’ is like a warm welcome into the world of Pacific. ‘Spiral’ is one of their most anthemic and filling soundscapes with a bright spotlight on the thought-provoking lyrics. It is the Manchester-based bands’ third single of this year and one of their most promising releases so far. After a mere two listens we already find ourselves singing along to ‘Spiral’s catchy lyrics while slowly moving along to its melancholic soundscape. The piano-infused alt rock track represents the bands’ statement sound, its lyrics having been written from the heart, talking about ” how in life, days can unknowingly pass with all your time being spent working towards an end-game of someone else’s making. ” Something to think about…

A.N.J.A. – Monoxide

With a playful intro, A.N.J.A. introduces her new single ‘Monoxide’ to us, with grand and sparkling vocals that lead their way through this theatrical new song, we are hooked for so many reasons. A soundscape that travels all over the place brings depth to the song and mystery to its narrative. A.N.J.A. knows how to create fuzzy indie rock with an edge, the Belfast-based artist sounds like a coming together of Iggy and the Stooges and PJ Harvey. ‘Monoxide’ is a song that needs to be turned up, it’s sexy and cool and adrenaline-infusing. “‘Monoxide’ is a promise of all the adventures still to come!”

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