The Baltics – Homeless Kids / Character Arcs

Newcastle-based alternative indie trio The Baltics have just released their new, pensive and characteristic track ‘Homeless Kids / Character Arcs’. With a fast paced rhythm, grounding vocals and some surprising hooks, their new single is a pleasure for the ears and a comfort to the senses. ‘Homeless Kids / Character Arcs’ sounds somewhat like the sound of a few years ago and brings us back to when we were younger and enjoyed listening to music in the living room and dancing with our siblings. The song, however, has a slightly darker story than its upbeat sound assumes.

“This song is about one person watching someone they already know becoming rebellious and the way in which that rebellious person feels the need to lie as they push back against what people might expect them to be.” Its main line is a contradicting one, but not accidentally, “It’s as if someone is running from their house, but not their home, as they don’t really feel it’s a place, they can call home.” We have all been in a state of mind where we felt home but not particularly due to a place, more so due to the people we were with at the time. The Baltics are translating those feelings of, possibly confusion and feeling lost, into a warm and comforting song as if to say: “It’s alright, you’re not the only one.”

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