Jacques Labouchere – Lebanon

‘Lebanon’ is an intriguing and relaxing piece of telling pop by Swedish artist Jacques Labouchere, the single is taken from his upcoming fourth studio album and was released last month. The song is one out of ten that is due to appear on the new album and showcases an almost chaotic soundscape which comes together thanks to the raw voice of Jacques. Despite the artist having had to postpone the release of his album and a tour through Europe, this release hasn’t lost any of its strength and might actually be better off being released close to the summer. Its light-heartedness brings an airy freshness and a cheerful vibe similar to that of summer.

The troubadour enjoys sharing his music all over the world and continues to brighten up his listeners’ days. Even though his fourth studio album isn’t even released yet, Labouchere is already working on his fifth, as his aim is to keep moving and connect people through his music! With single ‘Lebanon’ he proves that he is able to set a positive and hopeful mood and hopefully the new album will be filled with much more of that!

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