Olly E – Rise Above

Olly E, an alt-rock solo performer, has released a new tune called ‘Rise Above’. It’s not your typical track, with a sound that has a distinct appeal, Olly E defies convention and takes a detour that pays off nicely.

When the music starts, there’s an unpredictability to it, as if you don’t know what’s going to happen next. The start is quite relaxing and melodic, with a harmonic guitar leading the song forward. There’s also an orchestral arrangement, which is unexpected but tasty and gives the overture some extra weight.

The music then takes a step back to make place for Olly E’s vocals, which he delivers with zeal but remains distant in the mix, almost as if he’s in the back of the room with the band in front of him. It’s an unconventional method, but he does return to the centre of the refrain, and the music, despite it sitting further back now, picks up the pace and energy, making the mix spring with omnipotence.

It takes on a new shape in the concluding section with an ascending bridge ahead of a stand out finale passage, gradually shifting as it progresses. The synths pick up in flavour in the penultimate section, forming a conduit for an exquisite guitar solo that rips through the airwaves with distinction before Olly E’s final vocal push.

Words by James Davids

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