The Herron Brothers – Heartbreaker

A new and uplifting alternative pop track has been released by The Herron Brothers, their new single is all but heart-breaking. ‘Heartbreaker’ is an upbeat sounding summer anthem with a light-hearted vibe and surprising elements. One of those elements are funky vocal harmonies and brass sections that enters the mix throughout the songs’ intro. ‘Heartbreaker’ is the bands’ third single released from their upcoming self titled album ‘The Herron Brothers’.

The Herron Brothers consist of real life brothers that take care of everything concerning their music themselves. “We have been playing and writing together for a long time, and boy are we tired… We do everything ourselves including filming, recording, writing, mastering, playing, performing, et cetera. What perks us up from our tiredness, is any reaction to our music from anyone. It makes us want to jump on the bus and play these songs all over the world twice round, because that’s all we want to do really; play songs to people.”

A combination of that tiredness and that enthusiasm is what comes together in ‘Heartbreaker’, there is some bitter sweetness, which gets overpowered by the bands’ energy and positive spirits. ‘Heartbreaker’ made us want to jump off our chairs and dance along, preferably in a live music venue or on a festival field. The Herron Brothers know how to make their mark and have made it very clear where they are headed… Out on the road!

“And if eventually, that makes us enough money to build a carbon neutral swimming pool (powered by the waterwheel at the bottom of the property) so we can remain fit into our forties, then so be it.”

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