New alt rock: The Daily Spreadsheets, Silent Attic and Kyoto Kyoto

The Daily Spreadsheets – Glide

If you are looking for a modern ode to The Beatles, we have found them for you. The Daily Spreadsheets have recently released one of their best tracks to date, ‘Glide’ is a cracking rock and roll song with a not so subtle hint to The Beatles. The Daily Spreadshoots are the answer to your old school bedroom indie rock needs and were born in Bahia, Brazil. The band have been heavily influenced by the 60’s British invasion, power pop and alternative rock and weave all of those together in an undeniably satisfying new sound!

Silent Attic – Again

The guitar-driven intro that launches us into Silent Attic’s new single ‘Again’ is an immediate headbanger, a warm and positive sounding alternative rock song with an incredibly catchy beat and strong vocals, rough yet warm. Surprising hooks and rhythm-changes make ‘Again’ a complex and outstanding new track from the German band. Silent Attic sound adamant and have clearly been inspired by some of the indie greats such as Sundara Karma and The Night Café, yet dare to be different. ‘Again’ brightens up our rainy days.

Kyoto Kyoto – Gaacher Blitz

A fast paced and new experimental sound has been released by Kyoto Kyoto, their new single ‘Gaacher Blitz’ is interesting in many ways and expands throughout its 2 minutes and 41 seconds. It’s a combination of peculiar guitar-lines, ever changing, grand and dark drums and a beat that swoops you off your feet and leaves you stunned after listening. Kyoto Kyoto are unregular and ‘Gaacher Blitz’ is their radiating debut, the London-based group have their roots in Krautrock, Anatolian psych and Glaswegian punk, they truly are something else and we want more… Another incredible release coming from Blitzcat Records.

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